A Problem's Worth

I'll pour my heart and soul into my work as much as anybody you've ever met if you show me a problem that's worth solving.

And if it matters to people, I will lean into it.

If you're leaning into it in a way where we can be can be successful, you will see me not manage the contract dollars. You will see me manage the outcomes regardless of where the dollars fall.

But you better prove to me that this is something I can go home and when I stand in front of my family, my kids, my parents- I can say, I don't know if we're going to crack this one. But this is what we're working to solve for. And this is how we think it would matter.

The Goal for AJ

How does this materialize into a narrative and dialogue that we can engage locally and globally. Essentially, the launch of our brand and thought leadership.

Some of this stuff is going to have to start to materialize in articles, journals, podcasts, talks, …all those kinds of things.

Alexander PaschkaComment
Brilliant People

The most brilliant people of every era stand on the shoulders of the giants before them. They don't directly copy the people before them. They, might mimic it for a while, to find that channel or group, but then they all end up finding their own thing.

Copying Fast

In school copying things is called cheating. In business, it's a race. It's a business strategy. It's common for one to say, “How do we do that fast?”

What I realized is cheating, or more poignantly, copying becomes a habit.

Collaborative or Cooperative?

Who is it for?
How do we make it to satisfy their criteria?
And how do we collaborate in an engagement where ideas are materialized, and then tested with them?

For whichever version of the solution solves the problem we've defined, or the opportunity we've defined in their world, now you've got a collaborative landscape.

But the notion of what companies say when they say collaborative- the construct is cooperative, let there be no mistake about it.

Undermined Intent

Now that everybody's looking at it, let's get everybody involved.

And that's when that's when it slows down.
That's when it becomes about pleasing people inside the company instead of people in the marketplace.

That whole process undermines everyone's intent.

Seeing Through

How do you actually see things through and get enough people rallied around it? As soon as something starts to make sense to an organization, like building a future… what they do is they staff a whole bunch of people on it from different departments part time.

The Next Gen

We've got to figure out how we're going to organize because the business world needs us now, more than ever.

Because we're really trying to figure out what the next generation of business looks like.


When we can craft a vision that's clear, that's articulate, that's thick, it has some richness. Iit has some details, not just the trivial aspects of it. It starts to expose all the little moments of joy that people can have because of that different world.

I think everybody- customers, people working in a company, everybody can start to see it. But right now, everybody chooses safety and comfort over opportunity.


Vision is when, like, how do we go about imagining a story that doesn't yet exist that would be better than the world we live in today?

And then, how do we make it real?